Environmental Compliance | APC Action Plans
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APC Action Plans

Environmental Compliance Solutions (ECS) supports signatories to meet their Australian Packaging Covenant obligations with minimal cost and disruption to their core activities, while at the same time highlighting potential savings in relation to their packaging overheads.

APC Action Plan

ECS can assist:

  • New signatories to develop and implement an Action Plan which sets out what the signatory proposes to do to contribute to the Covenant’s objective and goals.
  • Existing signatories, which are part way through their APC commitment, to review and revise their actions, responsibility, baseline data, targets and milestones in response to the Covenant’s objective and goals.


Support Signatory Commitments

ECS can offer broader support for signatories in implementing their Action Plan including:

  • Draft policies, procedures and protocols for the evaluation and procurement of packaging and new product developments;
  • Employee training and education in relation to packaging compliance; and
  • Baseline data regarding the collection and recycling of onsite waste, with a focus on packaging.
Why not Contact Us for an obligation free consultation about how we can assist you with your Action Plans, together with broader support for your packaging compliance obligations?