Environmental Compliance | APC Annual Reports
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APC Annual Reports

Are you ready to submit your Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) Annual Report by 31st March 2018?

Do you have the time required to compile the necessary data and information?

Environmental Compliance Solutions (ECS) is Australia’s leading provider of consulting and software solutions to the packaging compliance market.

ECS can support signatories, from a range of industry sectors, to develop, prepare and submit their Annual Report to the Australian Packaging Covenant.

This Annual Report would detail the progress that your organisation has made towards completing the actions outlined in your action plan, together with any other relevant activities implemented, that contribute to broader product stewardship and sustainability outcomes.

We aim to remove the administration and reporting burden in relation to your packaging compliance requirements.

In preparing your Annual Report, you may:

  • Identify possible opportunities to implement material or cost saving initiatives.
  • Improve your company’s bottom line in your use of packaging and management of waste packaging onsite.


Want to discuss further how we can help you meet your Annual Reporting obligations?