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Enterprise Solution

For companies with larger compliance requirements, we can provide an enterprise-wide solution. Our web-based software provides multi-user, multi-site access to enable collaboration between your staff, customers and suppliers.

Additionally, we will help you to establish your compliance team and to develop the policies necessary to achieve compliance. This will lay the foundations, giving your business the kick-start it needs to successfully manage its packaging compliance and reporting in-house.

Some of the deliverables for your company from this option are:

  • A review of all your company specific reporting and statistical requirements relating to compliance with the Covenant.
  • An internal audit trail demonstrating how the SPG Audits were developed.
  • A timetable for implementation of requirements.
  • Information to assist with waste management decisions with the aim of reducing costs.
  • Assistance in achieving your company’s CSR requirements.
  • An opportunity to identify a positive marketing initiative in relation to the company’s in-house activities, in particular the onsite separation and management of packaging waste.

GRIPS Australia allows you to create, gather and store information on SPG audits in a central repository. Multi-user and multi-site access is provided 24x7x365.

We get you

Our expert staff understand ‘big business’. We will guide you through our software and training courses, ensuring that you get the most out of our service.

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